Establishing a Company

We are by your side if you want to establish a new company or move your business to: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, England, United Arab Emirates, United States, South America.

Financial resources

If you have a good project and the necessary know-how and experience to implement it, we will guide you in finding the proper funding and a dedicated partner.

Business Management

Through our direct and indirect offices, we can create the conditions necessary for the optimised management of your business, aiming for steady growth.


With us as a General Contractor, your products will be placed in new markets.

We solve your problems!

At AP, we are aware of our customers' teething problems. We are acutely aware of the impossibility of adopting a standards-based approach, we personalise our service to you, your goals and, above all, making the most of your potential. How? In summary, we offer you: a careful analysis of your goals based on a one to one relationship, careful and constant analysis of markets to best establish and consolidate your goals, concrete and effective advice in your start-up creation/review of your short, medium and long-term results, modelling them on the local environments in which you will search for financing or partners to support you in your path

In addition:

Through our local partners, we are able to provide, in each country where we are present:

Consulenza legale

Consulenza legale in start up e ottimizzazione legale-fiscale dei processi aziendali in conformità alle normative vigenti nei paesi di riferimento

Policy aziendale

assistenza nella definizione della policy aziendale in materia di Corporate Governance


Seguimento per appalti, forniture nei diversi paesi, oltre che co-marketing, distribuzione, franchising, agenzie, licensing,...


Quant'altro abbiate bisogno per raggiungere in tempi brevi i risultati che vi aspettavate e che sono stati con noi concordati preventivamente