Real Estate

Real Estate

AP International Real Estate, works in the real estate sector with competence, transparency and professionalism. With attention and care, we make our customers' objectives and needs our own, dedicating ourselves to seeking solutions to achieve and satisfy the same.
Our strength is reflected in our team effort, where everyone has the skills of the team at their disposal, providing their own skills in turn.

We were established primarily as PROPERTY FINDERS, for our customers interested in buying a property in Italy but also for those interested in a property in Bulgaria and Morocco.
The Property Finder is a consultant with vast experience in the real estate market who is able to find the right property, having viewed and selected, among the many proposals, the right property for the client.

Property owners in the national and international territory place their trust in us for the complete management of their properties.

AP International Real Estate carries out Property valuations of individual properties or property portfolios by following the criteria of the International Standard.

Due Diligence;

Real Estate Auction.
Advice for participation which will consist of:

- contact with the custodian appointed by the Court for eventual appointment to visit the property
- a preliminary examination of the validity of the operation carried out by AP International Real Estate
- a verification of the actual state and conditions of the property detecting any discrepancies regarding the evaluation of the court expert;
- a verification of the building's compliance with planning, cadastral and construction standards;
- an assessment of the Property through research and analysis of the relative real estate market;
- a report containing advice on the validity of the operation of the real estate unit purchase, highlighting any of the property's defects or problems;
- Customer assistance during all phases of the judicial auction until the decree transferring ownership of the property;

In addition

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AP International Real Estate provides you with its real estate experience over the years


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Often, they are tempted to look for and invest their savings abroad



In line with our corporate philosophy, AP International Real Estate relies on interior design and restructuring


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