International real estate

International Real Estate

Often we are tempted to seek out and invest our savings abroad, but even before we fully consider the idea, the fear of not knowing who to trust, not to knowing the foreign country's tax regime, or even more simply not knowing where to start our selection, in what city, neighbourhood and more, leads us to give up. AP International Real Estate supports you in the search and negotiation in all phases of your investment in Bulgaria, Morocco and throughout the world.
We'll assist you, from our first introductory contact, in the research and selection of the property, in the negotiation of the purchase price by advising on the best investment strategies.
We will develop and analyse the quality of the commercial operation, we will produce an estimate according to the parameters set by the International Valuation Standards, we will carry out Due Diligence for a proper document review.
We'll guide you up to the signing of the public deed, making sure you are in compliance with all the bureaucratic and tax burdens in the country where the real estate transaction takes place.